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What are Jandals®Jandals® is short for "Jesus Sandals" — Pali Hawaii's most popular style. They don't quite date back to biblical times, but they've been a Hawaiian classic for more than 30 years!

Do they come in different colors? Yes! Pali Hawaii Jandals® are available in two lines: Classic, featuring three shades of brown + black; and Color, featuring Pink, Navy, White, Lilac, Green, Red and Aqua. 

Are they available in Kids Sizes? Yes! Kids Jandals® are available in Brown, Black, Navy, Pink and Aqua. 

How many come in a case? Jandals® are packed 24 pairs to a case and they're available in mixed size casepacks. Select styles can also be ordered in solid size packs. Minimum order is 1 case. 

How do I order for my store? Easy! Fill out our application below, and once your account is approved we'll send you an invitation to our private Wholesale eCommerce Store!


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