Pali Hawaii to disallow sales on

Dear Valued Retail Customer,

Starting Nov. 1, 2016 Pali Hawaii LLC — the manufacturer of Pali Hawaii Sandals — will no longer permit the sale of its products through the Marketplace.

Please bear this deadline in mind as you place your orders between now and November. Pali Hawaii LLC has issued a statement regarding this change on its website, and you can read the full text of that statement below:

Dear Seller,

Thanks for being part of Pali Hawaii. Our tremendous growth over the years has highlighted important challenges for our company, especially in marketplaces like

To address consumer issues and support our brand name and fair pricing:

We will be the exclusive Amazon seller of Pali Hawaii and our products will no longer be sold by third-party sellers on Amazon. This will ensure a uniform customer experience and enable us to upgrade our infrastructure for future growth.
Current sellers may continue to self-fulfill Amazon orders for 90 days (until October 31, 2016), but should discontinue FBA shipments to Amazon as marketplaces will be monitored closely for compliance.

We realize this may disappoint a small handful of sellers, so we would like to express our appreciation for your business and completely understand if you no longer wish to carry Pali Hawaii products.
To the great majority of Pali sellers excited by this change, rest assured our Amazon pricing will be above MSRP to drive sales and traffic to your websites and physical stores, so that you can be good ambassadors of our brand.

As we look to the future, we will have more exciting news to share about our latest sandal styles and eco-friendly materials due out in 2017.

Thank you for your support and we look forward to working together for years to come.

Eric Chong, President | Pali Hawaii LLC

If you have any questions regarding this change, please reach out to 


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